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In these pages we hope you will find help to discover and feel the path of your Italian family history.

More Italians have migrated to the United States than any other Europeans. Population pressure

became severe, especially in Il Mezzogiorno, the southern and poorest provinces of Italy.


Tracing a family tree is an adventurous trip.

A good genealogist is a competent historian, but also a good detective!

It is a way of illuminating the past by bringing light to the present.

My Italian Roots will allow you to know about your Italian ancestors. Their way of living, their jobs and traditions.



We help you to determine the precise town of origin to be able to do research in the original birth, marriage and death records of each town.


At My Italian Roots, we provide research services of Italian professional researches in the village of origin

We can assist you in obtaining the documentation to submit with your Italian Citizenship Application.

And the most important we can help you to locate the town of origin of your immigrant ancestor


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