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My Italian Roots is formed by a group of genealogists working together to help you to investigate about your Italian roots.

The studio is nourished from professionals genealogists throughout Italy and America and with access to the sources of investigation which allow you to know about your Italian ancestors, their way of living, traditions and to know the village where they were born.

Our offices in Geneva, Taranto and Argentina , help us to analyze not only Italian Documents but also American ones as well.

Tracing a family tree is an adventurous trip that often takes us through a past which is ours and which allows us to discover who we are, a route towards our own essence.

My Italian Roots offers the possibility of discovering the family history and of uncovering the bonds that link you to your Italian ancestors.

There are many families whose ancestors arrived in Argentina between centuries XIX and XX. In some cases after living here they emigrated to other destinations or even returned to their places of origin.

My Italian Roots offer a complete and exhaustive investigation on civil, historical and church Argentinian documents




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